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Published Papers

  • Mikhail M., Sealy W., (2022), Configuration of a PLC Controlled Articulated Robot for Autonomous Vision Inspection Applications, Proceedings of the 20th LACCEI International Multi-Conference for Engineering, Education, and Technology: “Education, Research and Leadership in Post-pandemic Engineering: Resilient, Inclusive and Sustainable Actions”, Hybrid Event, Boca Raton, Florida- USA, July 18 - 22, 2022 

  • Schumacher P., Sealy, W., (2019), A Parametric Modeling Instructional Tutorial for Teaching Visualization of Engineering Mechanics, Proceedings of the 17th LACCEI International Multi-Conference for Engineering, Education, and Technology: “Industry, Innovation, And Infrastructure for Sustainable Cities and Communities”, 24-26 July 2019, Jamaica. 

  • Sealy W., (2018), The Effects of Wall Thickness and Raster Resolution on the Diametric Accuracy, Cylindricity, and Concentricity of Fused Deposition Modelled Sacrificial Patterns, Proceedings of the Caribbean Academy of Sciences - 21st General Meeting and Conference (CAS-2018), 27th – 30th November 2018, Jamaica.  The theme of the conference: “Science, Technology and Innovation – Vehicles for a Knowledge Based Economy” 

  • Sealy, W., Encarnacion E., (2017), Prototype and Simulation of a Single-Board Computer Actuator Arm for Applications in Assistive Patient Lifts, Proceedings of the 15th Latin American and Caribbean Conference for Engineering and Technology – Global Partnerships for Development and Engineering Education, Boca Raton, FL, United States, July 19-21, 2017. 

  • Pribyl J., Tebbe P., Sealy, W., (2017), “Engineering Standards for Elementary Teachers: Learning about Engineering and How to Engage Students in Engineering”, ASEE North Midwest Section Annual Conference, Minneapolis, MN. 

  • Sealy, W. (2016), A Review of Fused Deposition Modeled Sacrificial Patterns in Investment Casting, Proceedings of the 14th Latin American and Caribbean Conference for Engineering and Technology – Engineering Innovations for Global Sustainability, San Jose, Costa Rica, July 20-22, 2016. 

  • Ingenthron, C., Agarwal, K., Ludwig, H., Joel, T., Sealy, W., (2015),  “Wear Studies in Binder Jet Additive Manufactured Stainless Steel – Bronze Composite”, Proceedings of Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium, Austin, TX 

  • Doyle, M., Agarwal, K., Sealy, W., Schull, K., (2015),  “Effect of Layer Thickness and Orientation on Mechanical Behavior of Binder Jet Stainless Steel 420 + Bronze Parts”, Proceedings of NAMRI/SME, Vol. 42, Charlotte, NC 

  • Kinzel R., Veltsos J., Bates R., Cohen R., Sealy W., Nykanen D., (2015), “Evaluation and Continious Improvement in a Multidisciplinary S-STEM Program Focusing on Professional Skills, Goals, & Mentoring” 

  • Kinzel, R. H., & Nykanen, D. K., & Bates, R. A., & Sealy, W., & Cohen, R. E., & Veltsos, J. (2015, June), Continuous Improvement in an NSF S-STEM Program Paper presented at 2015 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Seattle, Washington. 10.18260/p.23742 

  • Raridon, R., Bates, R., Nykanen, D., Hart, M., Sealy, W., (2014), “Learning about Ethics in a Multidisciplinary Context,” 121st ASEE Annual Conference & Expo, Indianapolis, IN. 

  • Agarwal K., Sealy W., (2014), “Manufacturing of Patient Specific Schlemm’s Canal unsing Fused Deposition Modeling,” SME Rapid 2014 Annual Conference, Detroit, MI. 

  • Sealy, W. (2012), A Finite Element Study of a Patient Lift Conceptual Design, Proceedings of the 10th Latin American and Caribbean Conference for Engineering and Technology – Megaprojects: Building Infrastructure by fostering engineering collaboration, efficient and effective integration and innovative planning, Panama City, Panama, Session R-2C Engineering Design III, July 22-27, 2012.  

  • Sealy, W. (2011). Additive Manufacturing as a Disruptive Technology: How to Avoid the Pitfall. American Journal of Engineering and Technology Research, 11(10), 32 - 38. 

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